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The Montana Chiropractic Association

Dedicated to promoting and advancing the quality of chiropractic care.

Established in 1918, The Montana Chiropractic Association exists to promote the values of chiropractic care and to support its members. There are over 300 licensed chiropractors in the state of Montana, serving both urban and rural areas. Our membership includes doctors with varying philosophies, guaranteeing that every individual can access a provider who meets their needs.

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Message from our New President, Dr. Mike Welker

Please allow me to introduce my self. My name is Dr. Michael Welker from Butte Montana. I have served as your Vice President under Dr. Marcus Nynas and on the board of Chiropractors for the past 6 years. I live in Butte with my wife and two children where I have been practicing for the past 23 years. The past few years I have witnessed numerous changes within our profession as well as our state. This past year we have seen some major changes within our organization and we are happy to have Brad Griffon as our new Executive director. Brad and his staff have been doing an excellent job facilitating the daily activities to meet the MCA requirements. The web page for MCA was re-designed to bring a fresh new look, easier access for the members, and an eye-catching logo. In addition, the Montana Chiropractic Association has added a Facebook page. This will allow us to deliver to our members timely information.

The 100th year Anniversary of the MCA was celebrated at our 2018 annual convention in Helena, Montana. Dr. Dan Murphy was our key speaker and was very well perceived. Dr. Murphy is a well-recognized instructor that spoke on Brain injury and Degeneration. Election of officers was held at the annual meeting. Dr. Dan Satchel, Dr. Greg Pisk, and Dr. Mike Welker went unopposed and were reelected as board of directors for the MCA. Dr. Lee Hudson was recognized and awarded with the Hall Of Fame, Dr. Rick Forrettee was awarded Chiropractor of the year. Dr. Marc Nynas was honored with a High Achievement Award for his contributions to the Chiropractic Association. Dr. Nynas was appointed on the State Board of Chiropractic with Dr. VJ Maddio, Dr. Greg Pisk, and Dr. Amy Pezo. New officers were elected after the election was held. Dr. Forrettee will continue on as Secretary/Treasurer. Dr. Smith will take to the role of Vice President. Dr. Welker will take on the Presidents role. Committees formed are as follows. Dr. Nynas with Dr. Hudson and Dr. Satchell will be legislative/Insurance. Education committee will be Dr. Doppler, Dr. Gibson and myself. The committees are set up to balance the workload between the board members, to make sure that all information is being handled and directed correctly.

The board of directors have been working very hard and are excited to offer some of these new amenities. A few things that are being worked on by the association board:

  1. 97014 estim. The MCA Board is in constant talks with BCBS. As of right now, even though they have been approving it for years, 97014 is now being denied in many cases. We are working hard to find a solution with BCBS to this recent effort that is affecting us all across the state. Dr. Nynas is attending a Medical Policy Review Committee meeting on April 18, 2018, with an invitation to present our case to the HCSC Medical Directors.
  2. Evicore is now discontinued for Chiropractic care across the state of Montana. BCBS Advantage is no longer requiring Pre authorization, but Chiropractic treatments are still subject to possible medical necessity review. Please stay informed by following the BCBS and/or the MCA websites.
  3. F4CP (Foundation For Chiropractic Progress) The MCA has enrolled in a group membership with Foundation For Chiropractic Progress. F4CP is a great avenue for information as well as practice building webinars, social media postings, and monthly marketing provisions. I would greatly urge every Chiropractor across the state, member or non-member, to look into this organization. As of now, it has been a great help to the MCA, by providing valuable information in relations dealing with insurance companies.
  4. The next Legislative session starts January 2019. The Legislative committee is already looking into a few areas that would increase our scope of practice, as well as bills that would potentially affect the MCA. The Legislative committee is unsure what that landscape looks like as of yet, it is early.
  5. Opioids: We met with Jon Binion to have an open forum discussion of how the opioid epidemic is being handled in Montana, as well as Nationally. As a pain-relief option to prescription drugs, we are trying to be as pro-active as possible. We are hoping that these discussions will continue, as we present that Chiropractic is a cost-effective way to treat pain rather than abusing opioids.
  6. Congress just passed Consolidated Appropriations ACT of 2018. This plan is to expand access to Chiropractic for Veterans with musculoskeletal issues. Currently, there are over 70 VA fatalities that allow access to Chiropractic, but nearly 100 offer little, or no Chiropractic care. I urge MCA members to keep up with the changes for our Veterans and welcome them at your clinics.

The MCA board of directors will continue to encourage the members to bring their ideas or concerns to the board’s attention. With collaborative efforts from the membership, we will promote Chiropractic and see our Association thrive. As your Montana Chiropractic Association President, I will strive to promote the Chiropractic Profession. I’ve always had a passion for Chiropractic, and also have a desire to give back and serve the members of the State of Montana.

Dr. Mike Welker
Montana Chiropractic Association President

MCA 2019 Annual Conference & Exposition
March 22-23, 2019
Best Western Premier Helena Great Northern Hotel
Helena, Montana

The Montana Chiropractic Association’s Mission

The Montana Chiropractic Association is dedicated to promoting and advancing the quality of chiropractic care to the people of Montana through a high standard of compassionate care. We foster and maintain the highest standards of professional competency, protecting and supporting the public and governmental policies that ensure and expand the role of chiropractors as primary health care providers, and by improving the public awareness of chiropractic.

Compassion, Patience, Respect, Dignity, Tolerance, & Empowerment