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The Montana Chiropractic Association

Dedicated to promoting and advancing the quality of chiropractic care.

Message from our President, Dr. Mike Welker

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Michael Welker from Butte Montana. I have served as your President for the past two years and on the Board of the Montana Chiropractic Association for the past 8 years. I live in Butte with my wife and two children where I have been practicing for the past 25 years.

Two years ago, we hired Brad Griffin as our new Executive director. Brad and Valerie, our member services coordinator, have been doing an excellent job executing the Board’s wishes. During the past 2 years, your Board has been working with Brad and Valerie to beef up our member benefits with the goal of making the MCA more relevant to your practice by focusing on education, advocacy and improving the overall climate for chiropractic care in Montana. Please read on for a list of our accomplishments The Board of Directors has been working very hard and are excited to offer some of these new benefits.

Under the leadership of Dr. Mike Welker, our Board president from Butte, we have put together a compelling list of exciting new accomplishments for our profession. Please read on:

Promoting Chiropractic across Montana:

We paid for 7 billboards across Montana to promote our profession in the treatment of back pain. The billboards ran for 3 months and we received a lot of positive feedback from DCs.

Successful Completion of an Insurance Payer’s Conference:

The Board held what we believe to be one of the first of its kind; a Conference for all insurance payers in Montana to hear our concerns. We invited all the major insurance carriers of Montana for the morning of August 15th at the Delta Colonial Hotel in Helena. This is an important first-step in establishing a line of communication with our insurance providers. Insurance companies and DCs alike both felt it was very successful.

Collaboration with Drug Treatment Court in Billings:

There is growing recognition that chiropractic care can help with our national tragedy, the opioid epidemic. Every year, our country loses 50,000 people to drug overdoses–our citizens who have become addicted to opioids as they originally sought treatment for pain–treatment that in many cases could have been treated by chiropractors without the use of opioid painkillers. The Drug Treatment Court in Billings, under the leadership of Judge Mary Jane Knisely, has secured funding for her clients to get their pain treated by MCA members. This first-in-the-nation program will begin soon and is a direct result of your association reaching out to Judge Knisely with this innovative idea.

Dual Membership with Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP):

We pay an annual fee per member to F4CP for you to have access to our profession’s Foundation which gives us access to their groundbreaking research and white papers extolling the benefits of chiropractic care.

Continuing Education at Our Annual Conference:

Our organization is 101 years old, which is a testament to the relevancy of our organization. Plan to come to Missoula’s Double Tree Hotel on the banks of the Clark’s Fork River on March 20-21. At the conference, you will hear from nationally recognized experts in our profession and earn your CE credits for the year, all while interacting with your peers in a positive and fun environment!

Scope of Practice Expanded to Include Dry Needling:

After the Montana Board of Chiropractic voted to include Dry-Needling in our Scope of Practice, we immediately contracted with Dr. David Fishkin to offer two, three-day PACE certification classes in July and August. He certified 36 chiropractors between those two classes! Additionally, we have added another class in Billings on January 10-12 at the Hilton Garden Inn. The cost is $1,700 and interested persons should contact him directly at 301-444-4890.

Lobbying the Montana Legislature:

We have a very well respected lobbyist and Executive Director, Brad Griffin, who has been at the State Capitol every session for 26 years. My job is to watch your back while the Legislature is in session and to help the Association develop smart policy positions.

Member Services Coordinator, Valerie McClintock:

Like any organization, we are only as good as our people and you don’t find a better person than Valerie! She does everything; our conferences, our membership database, CE event planning, newsletters and anything our members throw at her.

Committed Board of Directors:

We have an excellent Board of Directors who are committed to promoting and advancing the quality of chiropractic care to the people of Montana through a high standard of compassionate care. Our members serve to represent you!

We hope you agree that we have made great strides in representing you and hope you will join your professional trade association, the Montana Chiropractic Association. We have enclosed a Membership Application or you can apply online here.

Please call Valerie directly at 406-206-4461 if you would like to take care of this over the phone instead.

Thank you,
Brad Griffin
Executive Director